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Laurel Island - 12 Years of Planning

The Laurel Island development team has engaged in extensive public outreach. When the project was called Lorelei, a robust public engagement process was conducted that included public gatherings within the community as well as a week-long charrette at the Gaillard Auditorium. There have been multiple government meetings and hearings by the City of Charleston, Charleston County and Charleston County School District where the project plans and infrastructure funding has been discussed and voted upon. Community members, City Council representatives, special interest groups and advocacy organizations worked with the development team to complete the project’s extensive public engagement process.


The current Laurel Island plan is truly a plan developed by the people. Over the last twelve years of outreach, the development team has received input including:

  • public access to the water

  • bicycle and pedestrian access that is safe from motor vehicles

  • children's safety at Singleton Park and other parks

  • children's safety at street crossings

  • flood abatement

  • water taxis

  • work force/affordable housing

  • parks and athletic fields

  • maintaining view corridors to the water via streets and from cemeteries

  • upgrading off-site infrastructure

  • maintaining historic structural remains

  • exterior entertainment venue

  • minimizing retail, not allowing big-box retail

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